Research Papers

Antimalarial compounds from Parinari capensis

The application of fossil grass-phytolith analysis in the reconstruction of late cainozoic environments in the South African central interior

An appraisal of social work on the basis of its relation toward human sexuality

The application of imaging technologies in the detection of trace evidence in forensic medical investigation

Adapting existing tools to improve the usability of the techniques used to represent computer generated explosions in a production environment [Research report]

Afrikaner nationalist politics and anti-Communism, 1937-1945

Aspects of Zulu sugar-cane production in Natal and KwaZulu with specific reference to agriculture in Reserve 9, Ongoye district : a socio-economic survey

Afsettings in die Bossieslaagtekom oos van Aliwal-Noord en die verband daarvan met erosie

After life in creative translation : a critical study of modern English poetic translations from selected Greek, Latin and Italian poets

An analysis of the impact of the nature of the employment relationship on adult basic education and training in the construction sector

Application of flow injection as process analysers

Aktualisering van wording by die agterlike kind met verwysing na enkele psigopedagogiese evalueringskriteria

Aspekte van die konstruksie en eienskappe van Geiger-M”uller-telbuise en bybehorende elektroniese skakelings, met toepassing op kosmiese straal-navorsing en op die meting van baie swak radio-aktiewe monsters

Archaeological sensitivity model : a cultural resource management exercise

Aandaggebrek hiperaktiewe versteuring : riglyne vir ‘n ortopedagogies-verantwoordbare multidissiplin^Ere benadering

An analysis of langarm dance and music in Cape Town

The action of Fusilade super on the growth and quality of sugarcane

Algemene loon- en prysbeheer as anti-inflasion^ere beleidsmaatre”el

An analysis of globalisation in the South African agriculture

An analysis of the strategies employed by civil construction companies to counteract the negative impact of the cyclical nature of the industry

Adaptive schemata and entrepreneurial success

Assessing factors that affect the implementation of community policing in Awassa

An analysis of student productions of tests : some insights into school practises in Grade 11 and 12

Aspekte van nie-standaard modelle

Aspects of the automation of capacitor type testing

Aspects of South African art criticism

Altered bone metabolism in the protein deprived rat

The allocation of resources of education in South Africa

Access to criminal justice : criminal procedure

The adolescent’s experience of parental discipline