Aanspreeklikheid van geneeshere op grond van nalatige wanpraktyk

Abstract :

Various aspects of liability on the basis of medical negligence are dealt with. A number of instances where a physician’s failure to measure up to the required standard of care and skill eg incorrect diagnosis, injuries caused by therapeutic agents, defective instuments and equipment, etc. are put undwr the spotlight. The obtaining of a patient’s consent as an unavoidable prerequisite for the performance of any form of medical treatment is also discussed. Attention is also devoted to the various grounds for litigation resorting under the term “wrongful life” in its wide as well as narrow sense. An analysis of the vicarious liability of hospital authorities and physicians is made. The fact that a physician can incur delictual, contractual andor criminal liability for the negligent treatment of his patient is pointed out and discussed. Throughout the work the focus is primarily on the South African picture but comparisons are made with the situation in other countries, especially the USA and Britain.



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