Arnold Sch”onberg’s verkl”arte Nacht : transcription for two pianos

Abstract :

The transcription for two pianos of Arnold Sch�nberg’s Verklaerte Nacht fills a gap in the two-piano literature and gives an insight into the composer’s earlier style of composition. Few works of this complexity exist in the two-piano literature. The process of transcription has to take into account the composer’s structural and tonal language, and in particular the problems of transferring a composition from string instruments to the piano. The transcriber cannot imagine how the composer would have done a similar transcription, but the intentions of the composer in the original version can be interpreted and transferred in a stylistically acceptable manner. At all times the possibilities of the instruments should be taken into consideration. Given the complex sound texture of the original version, the suggestions for a two piano version have to incorporate the following: note length and rest length, sound colour, attack/articulation, bowing, articulation markings, effects and texture. In the assignment an explanation is given of the deviations that stem from the above factors. The awareness of these deviations necessitates a distinction between arrangement and transcription and compels the transcriber to be as faithful to the original score as possible. The explanation of deviations further provides the performer with an awareness of the artistic possibilities that the work provides.



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