Aspects of the design of steel wire ropes

Abstract :

Steel wire ropes have been part of the engineering environment for some 150 years, yet for most of that time the development of new and existing rope types has been largely empirical. Rope designers tended to solve problems or deficiencies in their ropes, at best, by applying their experience pf the effects of changing certain design parameters, but quite commonly without a reasoned theoretical basis.

As the demands on ropes have grown, there has developed an increased awareness of the need for a more scientific approach to rope design and in the last thirty years or so much good work has been done to develop mathematical and engineering models of rope parameters.

This dissertation provides an outline of the history of wire ropes and the approach to rope design, identifies the issues with which the rope designer is concerned, comments on the design methods used to date and indicates the likely direction in which the design of wire ropes is heading.



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