Aggressie en vlakke van morele ontwikkeling

Abstract :

The author argues the necessity for an understanding of human aggression as being entrenched in the very question of human survival. The term is, however, used extremely broadly, he argues, there being three major sources of confusion. The first reason for confusion in the use of the term aggression is the fact that various writers give to the term a different moral connotation. The second is that the term is used to describe various types of behaviour. The third source of confusion resides is owing to the fact that various writers follow differing approaches in studying the phenomenon of aggression. The author opens his research with a discussion of the moral dimension of aggression. He maintains that this arises from the whole question of intention in aggression, precisely that dimension which causes most confusion in the study of aggression. He then moves to distinguish between various forms of aggressive behaviour on the basis of intention, before considering other “factors of aggressive behaviour”, paying particular attention to morality as an inhibiting factor in aggression. An empirical investigation into the connection between aggression and levels of moral development is undertaken. The interplay between morality and aggression is intrinsic to this study, as the intention of the perpetrator of the aggression determines for both subject and researcher whether the actions concerned are termed aggressive behaviours.



Author Borsten GF
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Date Created 1976
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Language Afrikaans
Subject Psychology
Subject 2 Psychology
Alternative Title Aggression and levels of moral development
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