Antiteses in die Boek Maleagi

Abstract :

A text-immanent investigation of the Book of Malachi has been made on the basis of the following steps with the purpose of identifying antitheses in a well founded manner. The different pericopes in the book have been demarcated by means of certain syntactical criteria whereupon the text of the book was subjected to a text-critical investigation. A number of text critical alterations were made. A structural analysis of the different pericopes in the book has been done, the Gattung of each pericope determined and in relevant cases an investigation made is issues concerning tradition criticism and redaction criticism. On the basis thereof antitheses occurring in the different pericopes of the book have been identified. The message of each pericope has also been determined in the light of the identified antitheses.



Author Snyman SD
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Date Created 1982
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Language Afrikaans
Subject Religion
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Alternative Title Antithesis in the Book of Malachi
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