An analysis of the us import market for agricultural products with specific reference to opportunities for South Africa

Abstract :

This study attempts to analyse the US import market after five years at sanctions for agricultural products and to provide the SA exporter with a clear indication of its potential and what will be required to develop the market. Exporting or marketing SA agricultural products in the US is in principle no different from any other type of marketing. The differences between countries may be prepared to research and apply the basic theoretical principles of marketing. The us market for agricultural products is analysed by looking at aspects such as size, population distribution, income, culture, percentage of disposable income spent on food, etc. A analysis has also been done of historic trade between SA and the US, highlighting those commodity groups that showed significant increases in the ten years prior to sanctions. Trade in agricultural products is heavily regulated throughout the world. Two broad categories exist: phytosanitary regulations and quantitative restrictions. Because of the size of the us market, it is essential to identify a target or niche market for a product. In a South African context a niche market is not necessarily small, but it is specialised.



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