An analysis of the relationship between the sources of conflict and the stages in the conflict process within the marketing channel comprising retail pharmacy managers and medical doctors

Abstract :

Examined the relationship between the sources of conflict and stages in the conflict process. The sources of conflict were subdivided into attitudinal and structural categories, the latter being concerned with goal differences, the desire for autonomy in the face of interdependence and competition for scarce resources. The conflict process model adopted by the author assumes the existence of stages of latency, feeling, perception, manifestation and aftermath in each conflict episode. The first four were treated as separate behavioural states for which different levels of conflict intensity were measured. In order to provide greater explanatory power to the results of the analysis, the perceptions of two respondent groups were identified, namely the leader group, consisting of channel members responsible for the overall strategic interests of the channel, and the affected group, consisting of channel members who had been adversly affected by the activities of their partners in the channel dyad. In addition, respondents were asked to identify separately, their perceptions of the macro and micro levels of conflict in the four conflict states. The marketing channel for prescription medicines was selected for the study. The focal dyad consisted of retail pharmacy managers and doctors with single respondent perceptual measures being obtained from the retail pharmacy managers. A mail survey of all the retail pharmacy managers in South Africa, South West Africa/Namibia, and the independent homelands conducted in July 1987 resulted in a 40 % response rate (1031 returns). Results were shown.



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