Approaches to bidding strategy in the construction industry

Abstract :

This research report examines the major factors contributing towards a successful bidding strategy in construction companies in South Africa. Construction companies operating in the Witwatersrand area were interviewed to establish the types of bidding strategies used, and also to find out how many companies in fact used any form of bidding strategy. The problem experienced in conducting the survey was that many companies felt secretive about their bidding strategies, even though in some cases they did not really have one. For this reason, it was impossible to conduct a comprehensive survey. The results obtained, however, indicated conclusively that bidding strategy is low on the priority list of most companies. Very often unqualified staff are used for estimating, and companies are reluctant to spend money in an area which is considered to be unproductive. Bad project selection, inadequate pre-tender analysis, inaccurate estimating, and a lack of competitor analysis were the main downfalls discovered in South African construction companies.



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