Administrasie vir die fisiese beplanning van verstedelikte gebiede in die Kaapprovinsie tot 1985

Abstract :

The physical planning of towns and cities is a complicated matter which is not confined to the technical aspects, but that the values of the community must also be taken into consideration. From this it can be concluded that, in the public sector, community values cannot be ignored during the policy-making process. It was also found that the various administrative units which deal with physical planning do not operate in isolation, but are interdependent and therefore work together to make the “good life” possible for the inhabitants of a town or city. The complexity of physical planning is further emphasised by the fact that any physical planning action directly affects the inhabitants of a local authority, with the result that they should also be consulted in the taking of particular actions. It was also ascertained that all actions which are to be undertaken depend to a high degree on the availability of money. This means that each policy decision has a financial implication. Due to the fact that the needs of the community are always bigger than the available financial resources, needs will not always be met. As a result of the financial implications of all needs the municipal budget can be considered as an important resource. The evaluation of budgetary proposals enables council members to have some say about the actions of municipal officials. Insofar as the report of the Working Committee is concerned it was found to be comprehensive but that scope for improvements exist. One of the recommendations give the Administrator final control over the town planning scheme regulations of local authorities. This contradicts declared government policy which advocate devolution of power.



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Alternative Title Administration for the physical planning of urbanized areas in the Cape Province up to 1985
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