Aletta Amelia Tomlinson : haar lewe en werk in Swellendam

Abstract :

Aletta Amelia Tomlinson was born on 2 July 1866 in Swellendam. She was a member of the Rothmann family which settled in the town more than 200 years ago. In 1883 she married Daniel Males Tomlinson. They had 13 children. Although Lettie had adopted an English way of life after her marriage, the years following the Jameson Raid changed her attitude. Her forthright pro-Afrikaner sentiments during the Anglo-Boer War led to her husband’s imprisonment. Not only during the years of war, but also during the rebellion of 1914, Lettie provided those in prison and their families with food and clothing. After the war, she devoted herself to the Afrikaner cause. On 13 May 1949 Lettie died at the age of 83. She will be remembered for the service she rendered to the community and her people.



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