Aspects of the interaction between parents and their five-year-old children

Abstract :

The aim of the study is to look at the effects of interaction between parents and their child on certain dimensions of personality and of behaviour with a view to elucidating aspects of the interrelationships between the variables. The variables chosen are parental acceptance of their child, anxiety in both parents and their child, the child s level of intelligence and his/her self-esteem. It is assumed that parental acceptance of their child would be influenced by the intellectual level of their child as well as by the parents own level f anxiety. In addition it is assumed that the child s level of anxiety would be affected by his parents anxiety, by his own IQ and by his self-esteem. One of the most interesting aspects of the findings was that there was a cross-sex link between many of the variables. Thus, for example, the child s IQ predicted parental acceptance by the opposite sex parent but not of the same sex parent. Subsidiary findings are that sons anxiety predicted fathers acceptance in a negative direction; fathers anxiety predicted, in a negative direction, their daughters IQ (and this relationship was reciprocal) and, finally, mothers acceptance of their sons predicted their sons self-esteem. From the results it is clear that there is no simple unidirectional relationship between the variables examined.



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