An analysis of the leadership styles of principals in the Athlone region

Abstract :

AB This thesis analyses the leadership styles of secondary school principals in the Athlone Region of the Western Cape Education Department. The Leadership Behaviour Description Questionnaire (LBDQ) was used to analyse the leadership styles. The LBDQ-FormXII was completed by teachers describing the leader behaviour of the principal. The LBDQ-FormXII (self) was completed by principals describing their own leader behaviour. Thereafter a short interview was conducted with selected principals to capture salient data which could not be answered by the questionnaire. The study used quantitative methods of analysis. The arithmetic mean was used to determine the average score for each leader behaviour and to determine whether these behaviours were above or below the arithmetic mean. The standard deviation was used to indicate the deviation from the arithmetic mean of each leadership dimension (initiating structure and consideration) for each principal. From the study it emerged that secondary school principals in the Athlone Region display specific behavioural patterns indicating that they are high in task – centred relations (initiating structure) and human relations (consideration).



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