Assesseringsriglyne vir adolessente se okkultebetrokkenheid : ‘n maatskaplikewerk perspektief

Abstract :

Develops assessment guidelines for social workers to assess the possibility of involvement of adolescents in the occult. Intervention research has been undertaken as an example of applied research. The intervention design and development model of Rothman and Thomas has been used in order to develop the assessment guidelines as social technology. Apart from the information that has been gleaned from discussions and workshops, a literature study has been undertaken to explore the nature, classification and manifestation of the occult. Attention is given to adolescence as a phase of development in the human life cycle and to factors which can lead to adolescents’ participation in the occult. Assessment as a stage in the social work helping process is described, with specific reference to the information which should be obtained during assessment of the client system. Existing assessment guidelines are indicated. With regard to the empirical investigation, a semi-structured interview guide for interviewing has been developed. A sample of twenty-two respondents has been identified as part of the research group. Its members have been rehabilitated, they have completed their school careers, and are presently stable members of the community. The interview guide serves as an aid during in-depth interviews with the respondents. The information that has been gathered has been used to develop assessment guidelines. These guidelines for use by social workers to assess adolescents possibly involved with the occult are offered in the format of a printed guide. As a potential continuation of this study, workshops to develop criteria for evaluation, to create feedback and further adjustment and refinement of this developed social technology are proposed. More detailed research and publications on the extension of the assessment guidelines, and intervention strategies in particular, are suggested.



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