Aspekte van die Hebreeuse relatief in Esra, Nehemia en Kronieke

Abstract :

The primary aim of this study is – after many years – to present a new comprehensive taxonomy of Hebrew relative constructions. For that purpose an extensive and fairly homogeneous corpus of texts was chosen, namely Ezra, Nehemiah and Chronicles. Contrary to most existing descriptions of relative constructions this study investigated five different relative constructions each on its own: · relative clauses with initial · relative clauses with an introductory participle · relative clauses with initial · relative clauses with the article and a verb in the suffix conjugation, and · asyndetic relative clauses. A relative construction usually consists of a nominal antecedent and a qualifying relative clause, and syntactically it functions as a single noun phrase in a clause or a sentence. The relative clause can asyndetically follow a noun, but it is mostly introduced by a specific relative marker. In this study all the different elements of each relative construction were investigated in order to determine whether there are any syntactic restrictions pertaining to the use of any relative construction. In the final chapter the different constructions were compared to each other. Relative clauses with . And relative clauses with an introductory participle abound, but the other relative constructions are seldom used. No syntactic reasons can be pointed out for the choice of a specific relative construction in any given text. Only relative clauses with an introductory participle are subject to an syntactic restriction: the antecedent is always implied as subject of the relative clause itself, and a retrospective pronoun is never employed.



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