Archival description, standards and the Encoded Archival Description (EAD) standard : an assessment of EAD in relation to South African specificities

Abstract :

The report investigates South African archival description in order to identify a South African standard. It then tests the extent to which a South African collection can be marked up to the Encoded Archival Description Document Type definition as a format standard.

The report uses theoretical literature, published research articles and the International Council on Archives’ General International Standard Archival Description to analyse South African descriptive practices. The archival description on the National Register of Manuscripts is referenced in the analysis of South African archival description. Technical texts concerning EAD and other standards are referenced for EAD markup. The inventory of an African National Congress collection, and its collection-level description on the National Register of Manuscripts, are marked up to the EAD standard.

The research identifies that there is no South African archival description standard. It suggests a way forward in the establishment of such a standard with reference to international standards development.



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