Application of an extended huygens’ principle to scattering discontinuities in waveguide

Abstract :

The implementation and verification of a recently proposed Huygens’ Principle in hollow lossless waveguide is described. The extended Huygens’ Principle is applicable to the scattering effect of arbitrary obstacles in waveguide and allows the coupling of a volume Finite Element discretization with a quasi Method of Moments surface element approach. A review of the technique is given and expressions for the two port scattering parameters are derived. The implementation is restricted to posts in rectangular waveguide, although the technique may also be applied to general scattering problems in waveguide. Finite Elements for the volume of the obstacle are selected and a basis set is proposed. The elemental finite element matrices are derived for a low and higher order basis set, while the validity of the derivations is established by considering a simple waveguide example. A coupled set of matrix equations is constructed that can be solved for the unknown surface electric and magnetic fields and the volume magnetic fields. A set of test examples is chosen to verify the implementation. The convergence behaviour is examined for two test cases. The dissertation concludes with an evaluation of the technique and recommendations for future work.



Author Geschke RH
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