An analysis of the possible structure of provincial library services and their affiliated public libraries in the light of socio-political circumstances during the period 1990-1993

Abstract :

This study is based on the assumption that the perceptions articulated by the formally qualified staff of the provincial library services about their services could provide useful information about the organisations’ response to changing socio-political circumstances. The primary research objectives are to analyse the perceptions of the staff regarding the structure of the provincial library services, and to arrive at recommendations for the structure of the system of provincial and affiliated libraries. Literature reviews in library and information studies have provided a context for the study. The descriptive survey has been selected as the primary methodology because of its ability to describe the characteristics of the population, estimate proportions in the population, make predictions and test associational relationships. The findings of the study suggest that an area for particular attention is the building of capacity in the provincial library services through the appropriate management of human resources. The need to achieve a participative management approach is supported. The literature suggests that forms of organisational structure other than bureaucracy are needed in volatile and uncertain environments such as that of the period being studied. Relations with local authorities emerge as a crucial area in terms of promoting the role of the library in the development of the whole community. The study has found that in the eyes of the staff, the process of change has not been sufficient and neither is it complete. A great deal still remains to be done and a radical strategy is called for.



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