An analysis of customer service management strategies, in an information technology organization

Abstract :

This study was evoked by a discussion with one of Dimension Data’s Service Management Executives. The discussion was centred around customer service management focus and on how to bring all stakeholders within the organisation to share this common goal. The critical aspect does not merely mean improving quality, but to exceed customers’ expectations according to Manning (1989:63). Quality and customer service have become a way of life rather than, short-term projects that can begin and end at will emphasises Manning (1989:91).

There is a myriad of evidence to suggest that services are becoming critical to economic growth in most developing economies, one of such is South Africa. Thus South African industry requires substantial reflection both from the government and private sector regarding issues of service. Organisations therefore need to understand products and services as complex clusters of value adding satisfactions.

The main problem of this research is as follows: (1) What customer service management strategies are at the disposal of an information technology organisation? and (2) The main problem will be solved in the form of three sub-problems, by identifying what customer service management is. Secondly, depicting a customer service management model and lastly recognising customer service strategies that exist within Dimension Data.



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