Applications of the integrative social work approach in the treatment of adolescents and their families

Abstract :

The dissertation focuses on the integrative social work approach in the treatment of adolescents and their families. The term integrative approach is defined as the multiple usage of social casework, social group-work and family therapy. The setting of this study is the Youth Advice Bureau (Johannesburg), which is described in its historical perspectives as well as in its structural, functional and social connotations of the present day. The study aims to analyse problems experienced by the adolescents and their families who constitute the clientele of the Youth Advice Bureau; to examine current social work practice in relation to these categories of problems; to devise and introduce new programmes; and to formulate recommendations with an emphasis on the restructuring of programmes based upon the integrative approach to social work practice. The method of data gathering consists of a descriptive analysis of the case records from two years of social casework service; the innovation and analysis of a short-term group for the parents of adolescents; and the innovation and analysis of four cases of family therapy treated at the Youth Advice Bureau during 1974-5. Specific treatment effectiveness results, for example that in social casework the main approach utilised was that of brief treatment, are experienced. There are identifiable policy changes in the functioning of the Youth Advice Bureau, for example that social casework treatment is more family-oriented, and that there is a significant increase in the percentage of follow-up performed on cases after the initiation of the social casework research project. The study also makes contributions in the sphere of the integrative practice of social work, that is that both social group-work and family therapy. Based upon the findings of the research project, the dissertation concludes by making several recommendations. These relate to suggested policy changes in the functioning of the agency; to increased in-service training of its practitioners; to the provision of ongoing research facilities and the concomitant systemisation of recording procedures at the Youth Advice Bureau; and finally to the extension of the agency s professional knowledge and skills into the wider community.



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