Analysis of creation of an enabling environment within the public sector to improve service delivery through project managament : the case of the Department of Correctional Services, in the Rooigrond Area Commissioner

Abstract :

The study set out to investigate the infusion of project management into public service in order to improve service delivery, and to look at the advantage of using project management as a management tool. Enabling legislations were referred to, and brief background was made. The advantage of applying project management by the North West Provincial Government was highlighted through a reference of a case study of the province, as opposed to the service rendered by DCS in the province. The study used a questionnaire to collect data. 50 employees were surveyed through questionnaires over a period of two weeks. Four areas were covered, that is, the area commissioner’s office, Rooigrond Prison, Mafikeng Prison and Mafikeng Community Corrections. The results revealed that most employees were not competent with project management, only few have an idea of what Project Management is. The response from participants exceeded expectations, because all questionnaires were received without any problems. The researcher recommends that Rooigrond Area Commissioner must apply project management in its structure to render services, and to offer training to the members in order to empower them.



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