Application of microwave imaging techniques in a compact range

Abstract :

In this thesis one dimensional microwave imaging is used to characterize an anechoic chamber. These techniques are used to determine the location and strength of unwanted scattering sources. Image resolution and focusing is addressed and it is shown that the MUSIC algorithm overcomes shortcomings experienced when using the Fourier transform. Reduction of the direct incident field is required in order to successfully form images of low level scatterers. This topic is discussed at length, new techniques are put forward and compared to existing ones and advantages are outlined. Finally complete chamber characterization is performed and results are presented. The electromagnetic testing of large radomes is usually performed by measuring the complex transmission coefficient. In this thesis one dimensional microwave imaging is employed to perform radome characterization. Sources of unwanted scattering on a radome surface are located and once again the reduction of the direct incident field is addressed. Results obtained for images formed of an actual radome with introduced anomalies are presented. Advantages are outlined and limitations discussed.



Author Van der Merwe A
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