Aspects of linking CAD and cost estimation software

Abstract :

This thesis describes a module that links AutoCAD and CeDeas (cost estimation software which was developed by Department Of Mechanical Engineering, University of Stellenbosch). CeDeas is intended for estimating the direct manufacturing cost of simple welded assemblies in a batch production environment. It is aimed at use during late concept design or early detail design. The link module was developed in Borland C++ Builder. By using COM (Component Object Model) technology, the link module employs the methods and the properties of AutoCAD automation interface to extract manufacturing information that is required by CeDeas. The link module prompts the user to pick objects in an AutoCAD drawing and then determines the values required by CeDeas to estimate the manufacturing cost. The user can choose between a ‘direct select method’ (which uses the properties of geometric entities already in the drawing) and a ‘user define method’ (whereby the user defines temporary entities or combines aspects of existing entities in the AutoCAD drawing). With these results and some non-geometric inputs, the user can get a cost estimate of components and assemblies. After design changes, the link module can provide CeDeas with updated values with minimal user interaction in situations where the ‘direct select method’ was used. The designer can therefore easily use the cost estimates to compare designs alternatives to optimise the design. Validation studies demonstrated the numerical accuracy of the use of the link module. The link module can be regarded as an extension of CeDeas. At present it only supports AutoCAD R14, but can be extended to support AutoCAD 2000 and Mechanical Desktop



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