An analysis of the co-operation between the office of the auditor-general and provincial departments in the promotion of effective public accountability in the Northern Province

Abstract :

The study project, conducted in the Northern Province, analysed the existing relationship between the Office of the Auditor-General and provincial departments to find out if it is conducive to the promotion of effective public accountability in the Province. The research was based on the understanding that there was no co-operation between these two public institutions, which is detrimental to good governance. The hypothesis of the research is that internal factors between provincial departments and the Office of the Auditor-General prevent co-operation towards public accountability in the Province. Internal factors prevent co-operation, and this lack of co-operation causes unaccountability. The reasons underlying non-cooperation between these two public institutions had to be investigated through a set of research questionnaires. The literature review gives a clear picture of the importance of co-operation between the provincial departments and the Office of the Auditor-General. These two public institutions are just two sides of the same coin and should work together in promoting efficiency and accountability in the public service. One side of the coin is not better than the other, thus without co-operation there cannot be harmony in the Province. It came out from the research that most public officials lack training and commitment. The research therefore suggests that proper training for public officials in public financial matters be conducted and also that the mindsets of most of them be changed through proper motivation and education. Commitment should flow from the Director-General to the various heads of departments and down to the functional staff. Senior officials should try to take a leading role in promoting and showing commitment at all times so that the junior staff members should follow accordingly. Once public officials and government auditors come to know that they are all working towards one purpose, but only from different angles, there will be co-operation and then the taxpayers will be comfortable that their taxes are well utilised and accounted for.



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