An annotated anthology of Zulu and Xhosa choral music

Abstract :

This dissertation is presented as an annotated anthology of thirty-two Zulu and Xhosa songs composed by fifteen black composers who live or have lived in South Africa or its neighbouring homelands. These composers are relatively unknown to the South African musician, let alone the man in the street. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that very little black choral music has been published and is therefore known only to the choir for which it was composed. A further reason inhibiting general availability is that most of the music in this genre has been composed in tonic solfa, a notation that is not readily accessible to much of the Western world. The purpose of this dissertation is thus primarily to present an anthology of selected black choral music both in tonic solfa and staff notation, thus making it available for use by many more choirs, both in South Africa and in other countries. The annotations and comments which accompany each song are not intended as full-scale analyses. In many cases the songs are too simple to warrant any written analysis. In cases where there is any degree of complexity or ambiguity, brief analytical comments have been included, and factual details of interest to the prospective interpreter have been given. However, the primary aim of this research is the collection and collation of selected musical texts: in-depth musical analysis would be the territory of another study.



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