An analytical study of narrative techniques in Giono’s regain

Abstract :

The dominant theme in regain is that of death leading to rebirth. Attempts to explore Giono’s narrative techniques within the context. Three chapters outline the passage of life from death to eventual rebirth. The present of things past, deals with Mameche’s loss of her husband and son. The present of things present, focuses upon Mameche’s realization of Gaubert’s departure, and the decision that she must do something to save the dying village of Aubignane. The present of things future, sees Mameche setting out in search of a wife for Panturle, and succeeding. This brings to an end part one of the novel. Interwoven throughout the chapters are paradigms from Greek mythology, rich in universal symbolism, and the author’s belief in man’s ability to fuse himself with his surroundings.



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