Agtergrondbeskrywing en enkele persoonlikheidstrekke van die asmatiese kind : ‘n psigo-pedagogiese studie

Abstract :

Project Talent Survey was launched by the HSRC during 1965 when 69 908 Standard six pupils were subjected to a comprehensive battery of tests and questionnaires. An attempt was made to obtain measurements in respect of intellectual ability, scholastic level, aptitude, certain personality traits, interest, as well as background data. According to the background data it appeared that many children suffered from asthma and that the influence of this disease on the maximum development of the manpower potential justified thorough research. Based on the results of the Talent Survey, psychological-pedagogical investigation into the background, and some of the personality traits of children suffering from asthma was undertaken. After an exhaustive literature study, the 1942 pupils experiencing problems as a result of asthma, were compared with 9332 “healthy” pupils, that is pupils experiencing no health problem of any kind. In comparison with “healthy” pupils, the following findings, inter alia, were made in respect of pupils suffering from asthma: The incidence of asthma is higher in urban areas, along coast, among English-speaking pupils and among boys. Asthma occurs more frequently in the higher socio-economic strata, in smaller families and in broken families where the mother works outside the home. According to the result of standardised tests and questionnaires, the following findings, inter alia, were made: a. Asthma pupils have a higher verbal, non-verbal and total IQ than healthy pupils and asthma boys are more intelligent than asthma girls. b. Asthma pupils experience more personality and adjustment problems than healthy pupils.



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Alternative Title Background description and some personality traits of the asthmatic child : a psychopedagogical study
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