Accountable parental involvement in primary school

Abstract :

The aim of this study was to pursue an investigation into accountable parental involvement in primary schools.

From the literature study it became clear that there are many areas and possibilities for parents to become formally and informally involved in the schooling of their primary school children. Formal involvement of parents in school activities is based on juridical, historical and educational grounds. Juridically, legislation in South Africa stipulates that parents must be involved in the school at least at the level of governance. Parents exert a lot of influence on their child’s cognitive development in the early years and thus the contact between home and school should be maintained, especially during the primary school years, if the child is to succeed in formal schooling.

For the purpose of the empirical investigation a self-structured questionnaire, to be completed by primary school educators, was utilised. The completed questionnaires were analysed using descriptive statistics.

In conclusion a summary was presented on the findings of the literature and empirical study and the following are some of the recommendations that were made:

1 Positive attitudes must be inculcated in parents to become actively involved in their children’s formal schooling.
2 Educators and parents must be trained to offer parental involvement programmes.
3 Further research should be conducted concerning the accountability of parents regarding their involvement in primary schools.



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