Appropriate stormwater management for a developing town

Abstract :

This research report aims to identify appropriate stormwater management practices for a developing town with reference made to Maseru, the capital city of Lesotho. A developing town is defined as an economically poor area where the level of development is typical of a third world. The implementation of and factors affecting stormwater management in Maseru are considered common to a developing town.

The report investigates the effects of urbanisation on the stormwater peak flows at a selected Maseru rainfall catchment. The detailed design of the stormwater management facilities is outside the scope of this report.

In attaining the aims of the report the following methodology is followed: (1) Determining stormwater catchments from a contoured map and selecting a study area; (2) Prediction of stormwater runoff quantities by analysing historical data, selecting an acceptable risk level, deriving hyetographs and carrying out computer simulations to predict peak flows under varying catchment conditions as urbanisation progresses; (3) Selecting a suitable location for a stormwater management facility; and (4) Selecting feasible stormwater management facilities by taking into consideration flood control capability, water quality improvements, possible environmental concerns, and appropriateness of maintenance requirements.

Detention storage was found to be the most appropriate facility for use in a developing town. The conclusions of the findings are presented in Chapter 12.



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