An analysis of the need for a life skills programme for engineering students from technologically and academically disadvantaged backgrounds, studying at the University of Natal

Abstract :

Investigates the role of life skills as determinant factors on the success of black students. The following key assumptions are researched: black students from socio-economic and educationally disadvantaged backgrounds encounter learning and adaptational problems when pursuing study; the academic problems experienced by these students can be remedied by the implementation of a generic life skills course; life skills are not inherent traits to human beings. Action research and focus group methodologies are employed to carry out the research. The empowering influence of life skills in enhancing academic achievement is clearly seen from the focus group interviews. Empirical evidence displayed by students in terms of self-confidence, bolstered by improved academic performance, supports the view that the teaching or acquisition of life skills produces real benefits. The research also reveals the debilitating impact on academic performance by disadvantaged psycho-social and socio-economic factors.



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