Analysing the effect of technological pressure on the automotive industry’s value chain (Confidential)

Abstract :

Technology is playing an ever increasing part in our lives whether consumers drive technology or whether technology drives consumers. The fact remains that it’s here and now and part of our every day lives. There are many aspects of technology but for the purpose of this study we seek to segment a portion that impacts our lives every day and that’s the fact that many of us drive vehicles but don’t know what’s involved in keeping us on the road.

The challenge for today’s Automotive Business is taking into account all the variables that make an impact or have an effect on business decisions being a success or a failure. The explosion in the amount of available parts in each vehicle and technologically advanced at that, has led to the industry’s re-think of more effectively storing and delivering parts.

Naturally the net effect is cost and margin pressure which dictate survival of the fittest in this rapidly changing environment.

With this in mind, it’s become increasingly important to analyze the effects this technology has had and will have on the various tiers of business. An analysis was sent out to these opinion leaders in the form of a questionnaire and thus focuses on the opinions of experienced players / stakeholders within our Automotive market, where they see the future of technology heading and how it will impact on the business of tomorrow.

All tiers in the distribution chain, from the distributors’ employees such a Bosch through to the wholesale and retail (workshop) sector, realize the fast developing technological trends and the effects this is having within the Automotive industry. Added to this are the factors of gearing each of these tiers up for these changes and ensuring that they remain at the forefront of technology, from the diagnosis of faulty vehicles right through to the logistics side of parts ordering and delivery.



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