Aspekte van die selfkonsep van die meisie in die kindersorgskool

Abstract :

The study in question was an attempt to shed light on aspects of the self-concept with regard to the adolescent girl in a childcare school. Ninety-seven white English and Afrikaans speaking girls were tested. Their average age was 17,25 years. They came mainly from a lower socio-economic background. The variables that were examined with regard to a possible relation to self-concept were intellectual ability, length of residence in a childcare school and academic achievement. The investigation was narrowed down to differentiate between smokers and non-smokers in order to determine differences between the two groups with regard to personality traits, self-concept, intellectual ability and academic achievement. Psychometric tests included the new South African group test, the Piers Harris self-concept questionnaire and the high school personality questionnaire. No significant relation between self-concept and intellectual ability, length of residence and academic achievement was detected. The comparative study between smokers and non-smokers did, however, reveal considerable differences with regard to personality traits, self-concept, academic achievement and intellectual ability.



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