Angola 1961-1974 : ‘n studie van rewolusion^Ere oorlog

Abstract :

The aim of this thesis is to evaluate the revolutionary struggle in Angola during the period 1961-1974 against the recognized standards and principles of this form of conflict. A secondary aim is to contribute to a more complete historical record of this conflict. The most important lesson of Portugal’s wars in Africa would also prove to be applicable to the rest of white-dominated Southern Africa, namely that in a protracted revolutionary war, which remains primarily a political-psychological conflict, military force can not serve as a substitute for forceful and inspired political leadership and a resultant political solution. If this study contributes to a better understanding of the nature and reality of revolutionary war, it will have achieved its aim over and above the historical necessity thereof.



Author Van der Waals WS
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Date Created 1990
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Alternative Title Angola 1961-1974 : a study of revolutionary war
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