Aspects of style in the novels of Henry Fielding

Abstract :

Shows that appropriate stylistic analysis can reveal connections between the syntactic patterns in the text and the underlying assumptions and broader concerns of the writer. Since no single model of discourse analysis is adequate to describe all aspects of literary style, the study draws from different analytical approaches to illuminate various aspects of Fielding’s prose. For the analysis of the rhetorical and expressive values of his syntax the most productive approach has been the ‘functionalist’ stylistics of by MAK Halliday, complemented by Roman Jakobson’s theory of the poetic function of language. Mikhail Bakhtin’s theory of novelistic style as ‘dialogical’ or multi-voiced accommodates the diversity in Fielding’s prose and affords insights into both the social-ideological resonances and the artistic function of the language of the texts. The focus of the study moves from an analysis of the expressive values of specific aspects of Fielding’s essay style, namely parallelism and word order in the sentence, patterns of underlying semantic relations and expressions of subjectivity in the discourse, to a consideration of the same aspects in the context of the narrative. Attention is paid to issues in stylistics and the analytical tools of linguistics are illustrated in a comparison of passages from Fielding, Addison and Swift, in which the distinctive features of Fielding’s prose are highlighted. The historical perspective is used to show how Fielding’s stylistic effects are illuminated in the light of classical and neo-classical conventions of style and language. It is shown how developments in the style of the prefatory essays in Joseph Andrews and Tom Jones correspond with a change in the hierarchy of styles in the narrative text and with the development of Fielding’s theory of fiction. The study also examines his theory of fiction in the context of three other prose works, Jonathan Wild , Shamela and Amelia .



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