arbeidsbetrekkinge en ondernemingsdoelwitte : ‘n ondersoek na die invloed van gelyke beregting van swart werkers in enkele Suid-Afrikaanse ondernemings

Abstract :

In this study an attempt is made to determine the attitude of the White artisans and technicians towards the improvement of the vertical mobility of the Black worker. For this purpose 15 enterprises in the Pretoria, Rosslyn and Brits areas took part in the study and 603 respondents returned questionnaires. From the information obtained, it is evident that problem areas do already occur, and that more potential problem areas could arise. The participants display towards changes presently being phased in. Almost 80 % of the Whites are of the opinion that their positions are deteriorating in comparison with those of the Black workers. 80 % Are in favour of job reservation and 66 % are against equal promotion opportunities. There is much room for the improvement of relations among White and Black workers. Three out of four respondents were of the opinion that conflict would be created it White and Black workers were to do the same work. An effective complaints procedure is especially important in the changing circumstances. From this study it is evident that managers is not preparing the worker adequately for the implementation of the changes in the labour area. The manner of management’s treatment of the workers during the implementation of the changes creates resistence in the workers towards the changes within the labour sphere.



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Alternative Title Labour relations and organizational objectives : an investigation into the effect of equal adjudication of black workers in some South African organizations
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