An analysis of terracettes in a region of Giant’s Castle Game Reserve, KwaZulu-Natal, Drakensberg, South Africa

Abstract :

An investigation of terracettes (a form of micro-relief), their associated soil physical properties, sustaining mechanisms, and their relationship to slope stability has been undertaken. The study shows that relationships between terracette morphology and soil physical properties within the Giant’s Castle Game Reserve are few and that current soil conditions cannot be used to infer process related to terracette formation. However, dry bulk density data indicates that soil creep is the dominant formative mechanism within the Reserve. Throughflow at riser surfaces is the dominant sustaining mechanism, with needle ice growth, wind, surfacewash, and animal disturbance contributing minor retreat at both treads and risers. It is inferred that terracettes impart stability to the slopes on which they are found, and with continued retreat at both treads and risers the slop is again placed under conditions of instability.



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