Anglican missions today : inhibiting factors

Abstract :

The problem which this study researched was the apparent lack of vision and involvement in the proclamation of the gospel that seem to characterise Anglican dioceses of Nambale, Kenya, and Klerksdorp, South Africa. The objectives of the study were: (1) To determine the essence of the Biblical teaching on mission, especially, how church members can be motivated and equipped for missions. (2) To determine the missionary quality of the Anglican Church. In view of the phenomenal growth and vitality among African Independent Churches, the situation in the Anglican Church was discussed in comparison with the African Independent Churches. (3) To explore the main factors that inhibits Anglicans from fulfilling their missionary calling today. (4) To make recommendations that could help Anglicans to regain their missionary perspective and motivation. An exegesis of relevant pericopes was done concerning the church’s missionary obligation. Interviews were conducted among key persons in the Anglican Church and the African Independent Churches. The main findings of the study were as follows: (1) The Anglican Church is not directly involved in creating awareness among its members, which apparently causes lack of interest. (2) There are no links with other Anglican constituencies as well as other churches for doing missions. (3) The leadership of the church has not led the church to higher levels of growth, apparently due to lack of adequate training among most leaders. (4) There is a lack of relevant proclamation and embodiment of the gospel, as the priests preach only according to the lectionary. (5) There is a lack of planning and strategy. (6) There is a lack of motivation among leaders and members. (7) Missions are not a budgetary item. (8) The Anglican Church lacks credibility in society. (9) There is a pronounced influence of secularisation in the Anglican Church. (10) There is a lack of spirituality peculiar to people who would go forth to preach Christ and help others to cross the line between belief in Christ and non-belief.



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