Akademiese funksionering van eerstejaarstudente gedurende die eerste semester aan die Universiteit van die Oranje-Vrystaat

Abstract :

Investigates the academic achievement of first year students at the University of the Orange Free State, with the emphasis on the first six months of 1990. In the literature study, attention is paid to general systems theory and cubernetics as the theoretical systems theory and cubernetics as the theoretical framework. The two main variables of the study, namely the university and first year students, are discussed, with reference to student development and the impact of the environment on academic achievement. Learning styles are also explored. In the empirical study, the average matriculation symbols, per faculty, were collected for the 1990 group of first year student’ first semester mark and global achievement during their first year. According to the results, there is no clear connection between matric marks and academic achievement at university. In addition, it was found that there were not significantly more failures in the first than in the second semester; in fact, semester marks are positively influenced by the first quarter mark (when orientation is taking place). The conclusion is that many factors are related to academic achievement. Most of these variables are out of the control of the university. Therefore it is important that the university work on those factors which it can influence, so as to give students the best education possible.



Author Prins A (nee Pentz)
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