The artificial recharge of urban stormwater runoff in the Atlantis coastal aquifer

Abstract :

The thesis covers the investigation of the stormwater runoff and artificial recharge components of the Atlantis Water Resource Management Scheme in the south western Cape. The objective of the study was to obtain an in-depth knowledge of the process of artificial recharge of urban stormwater runoff, in order to identify the most efficient recharge management strategy for the Atlantis Aquifer. To achieve the objective it was necessary to first study the existing knowledge on urban stormwater hydrology and artificial recharge by spreading, and to create a conceptual model of what might be expected. The study area was then investigated to examine how closely the actual situation was reflected by the conceptual model, enabling recommendations to be made for the sound management of the system. The findings are discussed in detail. The study revealed that the most efficient recharge management strategy would be the recharge of treated domestic sewage effluent in the present recharge basin and all residential stormwater runoff plus industrial “stormflow” stormwater runoff in a new recharge basin located north west of the present basin. Strict water quality control must be maintained on the water discharged into the basins and an annual wet/dry cycle implemented within the basins to boost infiltration. The entire system should continue being monitored to safeguard the groundwater resource from pollution and over exploitation.



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