Afrika deur wit en swart o”e : die ontmoeting van Afrika en wes-Europa in geselekteerde tekste van wit Afrikaanse en swart Franse skrywers

Abstract :

The object of this study is to determine in what way literature is affected by the meeting of two cultures, the African and the West European. A selection was made of texts by white Afrikaans and black French writers who try to reconcile not only two worlds, but also two literary traditions, the oral and the written. In the first section Rka by NP van Wyk Louw is compared to two poems by Leopold Sedar Senghor, Congo and A New-York. In Raka Louw writes an African story with African motifs and symbols, while at the same time developing a theme that runs throughout his oeuvre: the search for Western ideals like the spiritual and the rational. Senghor on the other hand pleads that Western culture can be enriched and saved by allowing itself to be fertilised by the irrational, magical African culture. Both poets use motifs like the magical power of the word, music and dance, and symbols like water and the night. In the second section two oral folktales which have been written down, are compared : Eugene Marais’s Die Lied van die Reen, ‘n Koranna- Dwaalstorie, and Bernard Dadie’s le Miroir de la Disette. An Ashanti Spider Story. Much of an oral narrative is lost in writing. However, both writers use various techniques to convey oral elements in the written texts. In the last section stories by two modern women writers, Riana Scheepers and Assia Djebar, are compared. Both combine oral and literary narrative traditions: Scheepers uses narratives heard from her domestic servant and from an old Zulu grandmother or ugogo, who traditionally tells her stories at night by a fire. Djebar writes down imaginary conversations and narratives of Arabian women. By giving written form to traditional oral voices, they are rendered audible in a modern, literate world. Although the texts differ to a large extent, the conclusion is made that there are certain mutual themes, symbols and motifs which typify the work of both the white and black writers as African, even though they are written in European languages and in a West-European literary tradition.



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