Afrikaans as merker van Afrikaneridentiteit: implikasies vir die T2 leerder van Afrikaans

Abstract :

Argues that, over the years, Afrikaans and Afrikaner identity became synonymous. In the early eighties, however, reform-minded Afrikaners began to attempt to dislocate Afrikaans from Afrikaner identity. Their aim was to draw non-Caucasian Afrikaners into the Afrikaans language community in order to ensure the continued existence of Afrikaans. In contrast. the anti-reformists continue to fight dislocation of Afrikaans from Afrikaner identity, precisely because they believe it will lead to the extinction of the Afrikaner nation and of correct or pure Afrikaans.



Author Heunis FS
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Language Afrikaans
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Alternative Title Afrikaans as marker of Afrikaner identity: implications for the L2 learner of Afrikaans
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