Aspects of the position of women in ancient Egypt

Abstract :

This study attempts to view aspects of the position of women in ancient Egypt. Although women’s representations were only marginal in certain spheres of Egyptian society, they were accepted and recognized contributors to the welfare of the country and its social structures. Often in Egyptian history, single women occupied positions of extensive authority and status. As a case study of a remarkable individual who exemplified that power, the rule of Hatshepsut Maatkara in the beginning of the Eighteenth Dynasty is cited. Although her rule as female pharaoh may have been an unprecedented event, there can be little doubt that she was a women of extreme genius and ingenuity. The publication of new information and the challenge of reinterpretating data which had previously suffered due to the personal biases of researchers, has seemingly awakened a fresh interest in the role women and other “silent” minorities have played in the development of humankind. In future one hopes to find the past not only recorded as “his story,” but also as “HER STORY”.



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