Advertiser evaluation of institutional advertising

Abstract :

Establishes whether South African companies evaluate their corporate advertising campaigns, and analyses the evaluation methods used by advertisers. Institutional advertising is a promotional tool aimed at projecting a company’s image. Contrary to product advertising, which can be evaluated with the use of sales data, the effectiveness of institutional advertising is difficult and costly to assess. The survey consists of in-depth, semi-structured interviews conducted with the marketing managers of a representative sample of institutional advertisers. The results of the interviews are qualitatively analysed and show that sixty percent of the sample use some evaluation methods for institutional advertising, but only twenty percent of the sample use extensive evaluation frameworks that support the company’s decision-making process at the campaign formulation level and as a control tool to measure the effectiveness of the campaign. The evaluation methods used by corporate advertisers, as well as the setting of objectives and the advertising message are analysed, and the media and budget decisions surveyed. Finally, recommendations regarding the use of adequate evaluation tools for institutional advertising will be provided to serve as a basis for advertiser’s decision-making process.



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