Analysis of noise generated by equipment and personnel in intensive care units

Abstract :

This research evaluates whether a noise problem exists in an intensive care unit. Overseas studies show that, while not likely to cause hearing damage, the noise levels in many intensive care units are very high. The study describes the level of sound in an intensive care unit, using the Precision Type 2232 (Bruel & Kjaer) and the Rion N-ll integrating sound level meters. Peak levels of intrusive sounds were measured and the sources were identified. Equivalent continuous sound pressure levels (Leq) were measured over each hour of the observation period. Data were gathered during eight 8-hour sessions. Day and night shifts were observed.

A high baseline of noise was noted, to which peaks from other short duration sounds were added. Noise levels above 90 dB(A) were recorded almost every hour. The continuous sound pressure levels ranged between 53.8-71.4 dB(A). The noise levels found in this study are similar to those reported in other studies.



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