An analysis of urban transport demands in Windhoek : a case study of the Katatura and Khomasdal residential areas

Abstract :

Existing travel patterns in Windhoek are influenced by the past land use policy of restricted urban development in the former townships of Katutura and Khomasdal. Thus residents in these townships are faced with longer distances to reach quality urban services. This thesis examined the impact on travel demand of changes in land use policies aimed at stimulating growth in the two areas using the HLFM computer model. The results showed that, policy induced land use changes may stimulate population and employment growth in the neglected areas, but with no effects on the present travel patterns. The model needs to be refined to fit the peculiarity of the study area. Nevertheless, information provided in the thesis could be used in assessing.areas where development trends will go if any of the land use policy tested in the study is adopted.



Author Oherein DLA
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