The adsorption of Ni, Cu, Zn, Pb and Cd by 0~-MnO2 and its inclusion in an equilibrium model of metal partitioning in soils

Abstract :

This thesis deals with partitioning of trace metals between the solution phase and the solid particles which comprise soils. Much of the work consisted of quantitative characterisation of the way in which trace metals interact with the solid particles. These studies involved, in particular, adsorption of nickel, copper, zinc, lead and cadmium ions by solid manganese dioxide particles. This adsorption work has led to a new insight regarding the heterogeneous nature of the adsorption sites on manganese dioxide surfaces. The second major portion of the work consisted of computer modelling of the various types of chemical process undergone by trace metals in soils. These include complexation in the solution phase, adsorption on to solid particles and precipitation. The computer model was used to predict the partitioning of the metals between the solution phases and the solid particles in a number of soil samples collected in The Netherlands. The predicted results were compared with experimentally determined results and have advanced our understanding of the processes responsible for the partitioning of metals between the solution phases and the solid particles in soils. The results described in this thesis are highly relevant to our understanding of how plants take up essential nutrient trace metals as well as toxic metals which may be present as pollutants



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