Apartheid legacy and the conflict between plot-owners and tenants in the quest for low-income housing in Winterveld

Abstract :

Winterveld has a long-standing history of landlord-tenant conflict, which came about as a result of apartheid. This study explores this conflict and its impact on the provision of low-cost housing in Winterveld. This study also tries to understand this conflict by looking at apartheid legacy.

The key argument of this study is that political dispensations can affect the landlord- tenant relations. The central finding of this study is that, ‘the rent issue’ is the cause of the tension between landlords and tenants in Winterveld. In conclusion, this study argues that the quest for the provision of low-income housing will never be realised as long as the landlord-tenant conflict persists in Winterveld.

The research strategy (i.e. case study) relied on secondary (Literature reviews) and primary (interviews) sources of data collection. The data collected was analysed and reviewed using descriptive and explanatory methods.



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