Aspekte van die makro-organisering en -beheer van die Standerd 10-eksamen van die departement onderwys en opleiding

Abstract :

The formal education of Black people in the Republic of South Africa has its origin in the concern of missionaries about the Black’s assumption of Christian faith. Government involvement was initially superficial. Little financial support was granted and even less educational direction given. Schools for the various population groups were mostly separate. Due to this educational separation, Blacks came to believe that their education was below the standard of education for Whites. Since the establishment of the Department of Bantu Education this perception has taken even firmer root. Most Blacks regard their own education today as “inferior”. The generally weak standard 10 examination results in Black schools are accepted as confirmation of this point of view. Great emotion has been groused around education for Blacks. This education system is frequently seen as the core of the apartheid policy which, they believe, aims at keeping the Blacks in a position of subordination. A study of relevant literature in this field was undertaken to reflect on: – the objectives of examinations, – examination as an educational phenomenon and – macro-organisation and control as managerial tasks. Criteria to evaluate examination as an educational phenomenon and guidelines for the effective macro-organisation and macro-control of an examination were described. By means of a study of primary departmental sources and data obtained by questionnaires from chief examiners, the maintenance of security and marking of examination scripts were investigated. The information obtained was weighed against established criteria for a universally valid examination, and the guidelines for effective macro-organisation and macro-control. Recommendations are made with regard to the improvement of existing examination practices. The appearance of addition errors in the work of sub-examiners during the processing of marks, is a matter of great concern. The compulsory appointment of people to check all calculations/numberwork is recommended. It is also recommended that consideration be given to the Black child’s peculiar circumstances when norms are established for the statistical adjustments of raw marks. After considerable deliberation it may be concluded that the macro-organisation and macro-control of the standard 10 examination of the Department for Education and Training comply with criteria and guidelines as deduced from the studied literature.



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