Aspects of teaching ecology to senior biology pupils in KwaZulu

Abstract :

This thesis attempts to assess the effectiveness of the Kwa-Zulu secondary school as the agent for the dispersal of environmental awareness through the teaching of ecology in the subject – biology – to senior pupils. This study concerns itself particularly with the role of the biology teachers in producing an ecologically literature community. This study concludes that : in view of the inadequate school facilities, lack of experience in field-work and laboratory skills among teachers, the teaching of ecology as it was observed in the sample schools could have only a very minimum effect. The following recommendations are therefore put forward for consideration by the Kwa-Zulu Department of Education and Culture: A. Employment of subject-advisors for biology. B. Establishment of a diploma for senior biology teachers as an interim measure until such time that properly qualified biology teachers are available. C. Making secondary school teachers “specialist teachers” in the subject they teach.



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