Application of the sensitivity verification procedure for the UHF diagnostic method in GIS

Abstract :

The new Sensitivity Verification Procedure (SVP) for Ultra High Frequency (UHF) Partial Discharge (PD) detection in Gas Insulated Substations (GIS) is presented. The procedure was developed by CIGR� WG 15.03 to compensate for the fact that the UHF method cannot be calibrated [WG 15.03 99]. The practical applications and limitations of the procedure is investigated. The UHF coupler (sensor) orientation with respect to the discharge event has a significant effect on the UHF sensitivity. For purposes of the SVP the coupler/discharge orientation with the least sensitivity should be used as this simulates the worst case scenario. The UHF method is more sensitive to free moving particles than fixed protrusions. From this it was concluded that a sensitivity proof of 5 pC for free particles is not a proof for fixed defects. Results from the SVP applied to a single phase 420 kV GIS are presented.



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